Fundbox Pay - Net 60 Terms

We have partnered with Fundbox Pay to provide you with NET 60 terms at 0% interest.
The sign up process is simple and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. 
Watch the video to see how Fundbox Pay works

Common Questions About Fundbox Pay

Q: What is the basic criteria for approval?
A: Fundbox Pay is for businesses. To apply for Fundbox Pay, your business must have a business checking account. See the full list of criteria to see if your business qualifies here.

Q: How does repayment work?
A: With Fundbox Pay, you can buy what you need now and take your time repaying. If approved, you get net-{60} plus extended financing if you need it for a flat weekly fee (available in most U.S. states). You’ll always see your payment in easy-to-understand terms with no hidden fees.

Q: Is it safe to connect my information?
A: Security is Fundbox’s top priority. Over 100,000 small business owners trust Fundbox. It has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and is secured by Norton and McAfee, the leading online security services dedicated to keeping your private information safe. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Q: What happens if I get rejected?
A: Fundbox determines the health of your business through your business checking account and/or personal FICO score. There are a number of reasons you might get rejected from Fundbox Pay. If this happens you can always re-apply at a later date. For additional information about how the approval process works and why your business might get rejected, click

Q: How do I use Fundbox Pay on your website?

A: Once you are approved for Fundbox Pay, use code FUNDBOXPAY at checkout. When your order is ready to ship we will email you the invoice through Fundbox Pay. Once you approve the invoice we will ship your order.
Please note: The use of this code is strictly for approved Fundbox businesses.